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Why Volunteer?


Beginner Triathletes

Volunteering is the perfect way to see how it all works.  Wondering how you’ll change clothes after the swim, or if you’ll be the only one on a mountain bike?  Be better prepared and more confident at your race because you witnessed triathlon first hand.

Veteran Triathletes

You, better than anyone, know the value of a good volunteer.  Share your advice with newer triathletes and give back what is given to you when you race.

Students & Teachers

What better way to earn extra credit or satisfy that service project requirement and have fun at the same time, than to volunteer at a triathlon?

Friends & Family

You may silently (or not so silently) wonder if triathletes are all crazy, but we know you support us.  Get involved as a volunteer and make a real difference for your loved one.

Clubs & Teams

Tri clubs & teams can get discounts when they bring volunteers to the event!

Groups & Fundraising

Bring the gang out to a Personal Best Performance event and have fun while you raise money for your function, project or charity.

No experience necessary:

What do you get out of it?
  • Free food and FUN!
  • Cheer on your athlete and help at the same time.
  • FREE Shirts & SWAG
  • Discounted Entries for Clubs & Teams
  • Donations available for Groups
  • The opportunity to give back to a sport you love and show those that have volunteered for you at the events that you are grateful!
Please read about available positions below & sign up today, or
email our Volunteer Coordinator for additional information:  brian@pb-performance.com



Volunteer Positions

Event Set-Up
  • Generally the day before the race.  Could be anything from filling water bottles to positioning equipment, depending on what you’re comfortable with.
Packet Pick-Up
  • Usually the afternoon / evening before the race.  Checking ID’s, handing out packets, shirts, etc.
Transition Area
  • Typically body marking, giving athletes directions in and out of transition or equipment security.
Swim Course
  • General swim course support could be directing athletes, stripping wetsuits or crowd control, but water support is the most vital for athlete safety.  If you are at least 18 years of age and have lifeguard or kayak experience, please let us know.
Bike Course
  • Responsibilities ranging from aid station support to course directions and traffic control, plus… WE NEED LICENSED MOTORCYCLE DRIVERS!  If you have a valid Class M license, please let us know.
Run Course
  • Lots of folks needed at the aid stations, but course directions and traffic control too.
Finish Line & Timing
  • This is a busy area!   We need help with everything from food preparation and handing out finisher medals, to swapping shirts and timing support.
Expo Area & Awards
  • A variety of needs, depending on the race, including assistance with the award ceremony, food service and crowd control.
Event Tear-Down
  • Just a few hours after the race and we’re off to celebrate (and get some sleep)!

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