Rigby Lake Triathlon FAQ's

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General Questions

Where is the best place to stay during the race?
Camping right there at Rigby Lake! You can make arrangements to stay at a campsite by calling the county at: (208) 243-1197.  There are also several hotels in Rigby, Idaho Falls, and Rexburg that are available.
Where is Rigby Lake?
Rigby Lake is on the North side of Rigby Idaho.  Click here for a map of how to get there.

Can I camp at the Race?
Yes, in fact if you are a camper you will love it.  We have the entire park closed to the general public so any of our athletes and their families can camp out.  There are several restrooms, picnic areas, tables, and gazebos that are available right at the park where the race will start and finish. Come and camp out!
What time does the race start and will you be starting in waves?
The Olympic distance athletes and Aquabike athletes will start at 7:30 and Sprint and Duathletes 8:30.  Wave start times will be posted as we get a better feel for the number of total registrants this year.

Can my child participate if they are under 15?
Probably.  Please email us and let us know that you have or are a youth who wants to race. 

Will you be using a chip timing system to time the race?
Yes, all results are posted live and there are timing kiosks available to all racers. 
Will awards be given out after the race?
Yes, we will have awards for male and female overall top 3 finishers as well as awards for the top 3 male and female finishers in each discipline for both olympic and sprint distances.  All finishers will also recieve a custom die-cast metal.

Can a relay team be just 2 members?
You bet… either 2 or 3 members is just fine.
Will there be a photographer at the event so I can see how great I looked during the race and put my pictures on our family Christmas card?
Yes, we will have B2X photography there to catch you in action and please send me a Christmas card if you use one of the pictures from the race.  :-)

Will this be a family and spectator friendly event?
YES!  There will be multiple areas where the spectators can watch their athletes start the swim, finish the swim on the bike, the run, and a large grassy area to watch the athletes finish on.  This venue really is outstanding.  We will also have a poster making booth for family and friends to make posters for their athletes to cheer them on during the race. 

Where and what time is packet pickup?
Packet pickup will be held at the Eastern Idaho Spine Center  in Idaho Falls, ID on Thursday, July 9 from 4-6 and at Performance Therapy on Friday, July 10 from 11-1.  All athletes will need to pick up their packet at these location during these times.  If you are unable to do this for any reason and need to make an exception, please contact the race director directly.  If you absolutely cannot pick up you race packet during these scheduled times you can pick it up at Rigby Lake after the pre-race meeting which will take place from 6:30-7:00.  We will be there to hand out race packets until approximately 7:30.

Can I pick up my packet the morning of the race?
Sorry, no.  If your packet does not get picked up the day before the race you will not be able to race.  Please contact the race director directly with any concerns.

Can someone pick up my packet for me?
Yes, that person will need to show proof of identification and sign a release that will be available at packet pickup.

Will there be a pre-race meeting, and is it mandatory?
Yes, the pre-race meeting will be held at Rigby Lake, it will be held on July 10 at 6:30.  We will go over the course, talk about rules and regulations, and address any questions people might have. The pre-race meeting is not mandatory but HIGHLY recommended. 
What are the age group categories?
15 and under
Athena and Clydesdale
Age groups for the Aquabike and Duathlon depend on the number of entrants in each event.

What are the weight limits for the Athena / Clydesdale divisions?
To qualify for the Athena division, women must weigh at least 165lbs, and men racing as Clydesdales must weigh at least 220lbs.  

Do I have to get body marked?
Well. . .Yes.  Your temporary tattoos must be worn for entrance into the transition area and for the race.

What kind of swag bag stuff will I get from the event?
Every athlete will get a top quality race shirt as well as a custom finisher medal for all finishers.  We will also have various freebies from our sponsors in your race bag and at the race. Also stick around for the raffle, we always give away tons of great stuff.
PLEASE NOTE:  We will not guarantee a race shirt or finisher's medal to those who register after June 26.  These items must be ordered well in advance of the event date and as a result if you register after June 26 you may not receive a shirt or finisher's medal.  Place medals will still be awarded regardless of when you register.

What kind of nutrition will be available on the course?
Hammer Heed will be the sports drink available on the course.  We will also have water, oranges, and bananas available.  If you prefer a different sports drink other than Hammer Heed you will need to carry and provide it yourself.

Will there be any medical help there if something happens and I need it?
Yes, we will have EMT’s at the event to help if anyone needs medical attention.

If I am injured or unable to race, may I get a refund?
Sorry, no.  Refunds will not be given under any circumstances.

If I am unable to race, may I give my entry to a friend or family member?
Sorry again, but no.  Transfers are not allowed.

Can I wear my iPod/MP3 player during the race?
No audio devices will be allowed on the bike course whatsoever, NO EXCEPTIONS.  If an athlete is found to be wearing an audio device of any kind during biking portion of the race the athlete will be removed from the course and disqualified.  iPod’s and other mp3 players are permitted on the run but discouraged for safety reasons.


How early should I arrive?
Athletes are welcome to arrive as early as transition opens, which is from 6 to 7:30 pm on Friday night and at 6:00 a.m. race day. NOT EARLIER  There’s really no point in arriving any earlier as no one will be allowed into transition until that time.

What time does the transition area open/close and can I set up transition the night before?
The transition area will open at 5:30 a.m., and you can set up transition the night before.  The transition area will be set up the night before and there will security to guard the transition area over night.  ALL athletes need to be set up and out of the transition area by 7:20 a.m.  We can not have Sprint athletes setting up in the transition area while Olympic athletes are trying to come through T1.  The transition area will close at 12:30, after which we will no longer have security there.  If any of your equipment is still in the transition area after 12:30 we will not be responsible for keeping it safe.

Are T1 and T2 at the same place?

Will there be somewhere to change clothes after the swim?
There will be large restrooms nearby, but most athletes just swim in what they plan to wear during the bike portion.

Is there drinking water available at the swim start and transition areas to fill up my water bottles?
There will be water available at the swim start and in the transition area. It will be best to just make your water bottles are full before you arrive on race day.

How do you keep my equipment safe?
Volunteers are positioned at the in and out of transition and will be checking to be sure body markings and numbers on equipment match.  If you do not have a race number that corresponds to your bike, the bike will not be leaving the transition area.  In fact we had someone try to steal a $7,000 bike one year and we would not let them out of the transition area because they did not have the corresponding race number.  We will do everything we can to keep your equipment safe.


Are Wetsuits allowed / required?
Athletes will be allowed to wear a wetsuit and it is recommended.  Wetsuits are always recommended when water temperatures allow, but they are not required.  We do not expect the water to be balmy warm so wetsuits are a good idea.

Can I wear my own swim cap?
You will be provided with a swim cap that will be colored to correspond with you division/gender/age group which you must wear.  If you would like to wear a second swim cap under the one we will be providing you for the race that is fine.

Do I have to swim a freestyle stroke?
Although freestyle is the most common, any stroke that propels you forward will be acceptable.

Is there going to be any kind of water craft in the water to help me if I need it during the swim?
Yes, we will have several kayaks, Sheriff boats, and emergency water rescue there to help should anyone need it.

If I hang on to a kayak/boat, will I be disqualified?
No.  You may hang onto a boat, kayak, or buoy for as long as you need to, but using any of these devices to help propel you forward will result in disqualification.

I’m nervous about an open water swim.  Do you have any tips?
Open water swims can be intimidating so, your first time out there should NEVER be on race day.  Many lakes in the area have swim beaches, some even have measured courses available for practice.  We recommend you find some open water and practice several times in advance.  Personally Rigby Lake is my favorite place to train!

Can I wear fins or a snorkel?
If you have neck issues or struggle with breathing during the swim, you may wear a snorkel but doing so will eliminate you from award contention.  If you decide to use a snorkel, please notify the timing company and race director of your decision prior to the race.  Flotation devices, fins, paddles or any other equipment that assists you in forward propulsion would result in disqualification and are not permitted.


Can I use my mountain bike?
Yes.  Many do.

Is this a draft legal event?
No, generally triathlons are not draft legal events.  We will be following USAT guidelines for drafting.  Stay at least 2 bike lengths behind the racers in front of you unless you are passing. Once initiating a pass you must pass on the left and you have 15 seconds to pass the front tire of the athlete you are passing.  PLEASE pass only on the left.  If you have been passed you then have 15 seconds to get out of the drafting zone of 2 bike lengths and then can attempt to catch up and pass the athlete that just passed you.

Can I ride a recumbent or tandem bike?
Sorry, no.

Do I need to have my bike inspected?
It’s always a good idea to be sure your equipment is in good working order, but not required.

What if I get a flat tire?
The local bike shop, Bills Bike Shop, will have a roaming vehicle to help with flats and minor bike repairs available on the spot but there is not any guarantee that they will be able to find you in a timely manner so we recommend carrying all the equipment necessary to change a flat.  Bills Bike Shop will also be there race morning to help out if you run into any bike related issues.

Are helmets required?
ABSOLUTELY!  If you do not have a safe and functioning bike helmet that is strapped around your chin you will not be allowed to mount your bike once out of the transition area.  You will not be able to mount your bike out of the transition area if you are not wearing a helmet and if you are found riding without a helmet you will be removed from the course and disqualified.


Do I have to wear my race number?
Yes!  Please affix and wear all bib numbers provided, making sure your number is visible from the front when you cross the finish line.  This will not only assist our timers, allowing for more accurate results / awards, but will help our photographers identify you and your photos later.

Can I walk if I want / need to?
Absolutely.  Beginners and veterans alike are welcome at all PERSONAL BEST Performance events.  Race as competitively as you are comfortable.

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