NAME: Michael Hays
DOB: 08 February 1955
OCCUPATION: PERSONAL BEST Performance owner, Triathlon Coach, and Race Director. 
FAMILY:  Wendy (wife) and children, Seth (born 1976), Heather (born 1978), Jennifer (born 1979) and Alicia (born 1980)
TOWN: Idaho Falls, Idaho 
FAVORITE FOOD: Wendy’s cooking 
MOST NOTABLE ATHLETIC EXPERIENCE: Running the 2002 Olympic Torch
FAVORITE RACES: Escape from Alcatraz, Wildflower
FAVORITE WORKOUT: Open water swim 2+ miles
HOBBIES: Mountain climbing, training, new race development, photography, perfecting training methodology.


About Michael:
Michael founded PERSONAL BEST Performance, a multisport entity focused on helping others achieve their own personal best performance. Through PERSONAL BEST, Michael has successfully brought new duathlon, triathlon, and national qualifying events to the western United States. PERSONAL BEST also provides training camps, clinics, and workshops addressing multisport athletes’ goals and ambitions.

Through his experience as an athlete, coach, and race director in more than one hundred events, Michael knows first hand what it takes to achieve success. Whether athletes are competing at a national level or preparing to enter their first season, PERSONAL BEST Performance has an individualized training plan focused on individual achievement.

CREED: As a man thinketh, so is he.
MANTRA: Never Give Up!

NAME: Brian Howell 

DOB: 02 September 1977 
OCCUPATION: Medtronic Sales Manager, PERSONAL BEST Performance owner.
FAMILY: Kalene (wife), Gabrielle (2001), Sterling (2002), Kirsten (2004), Sage (2006), Bella (2009), Dash (our Vizlsa puppy and running partner) 2011
TOWN: Ammon, Idaho  
FAVORITE RACES: Magic Man Triathlon, Ironman Boise, Rigby Lake Triathlon, Ironman Florida, Ironman Hawaii 
FAVORITE WORKOUT: C races, you get to put it all together without worry of performance or placing.  
HOBBIES: Spending time with wife and kids, training for and racing in triathlons, work and Sleep! (I don’t think there is time for anything else!) 

About Brian:  

Brian has been competing in triathlons for 8 years and has personal experience in every distance from sprint to Ironman and has even placed in some of these events. Because of his love for the sport he started race directing in 2008 and is moving into an ownership role of PERSONAL BEST Performance in 2012.  Through his experience as an athlete, coach and race director, Brian knows first hand what it takes to achieve success both as an athlete and as an event director. Brian says, "Personally I love watching the elite athletes finish but even more than that I enjoy watching some of the last athletes finish as many of them have made great personal changes in their lives to achieve lifelong dreams and goals simply by finishing a run or triathlon."

CREED: The desire to win means nothing without the desire to train.

Mantra: If you are going to do something, do your very best!



NAME: David Oliver
OCCUPATION: PERSONAL BEST Performance Associate Director/Software Engineer
FAMILY: Kathi (wife) and children Bailey and Miranda and dog Rosie
HOME TOWN: San Diego, CA
FAVORITE BIKING WORKOUT: Sunnyside Hill, Idaho Falls, ID
HOBBIES: Yoga, Triathlon, Web Development.


About David:
David Oliver became an instant triathlon addict on August 20th, 2005 at the RUSH in Rexburg. The excitement and thrill had him coming back for more. Since then he has competed in all of the open water triathlons in Eastern Idaho. In 2009 David started working for Personal Best Performance as an Associate Race Director and loves the atmosphere and energy that you can only find at 5:00 AM when racers are setting up T1.

CREED: Plan for the Future, Learn from the Past, Live in the Present.
MANTRA: It's about the Journey!

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